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Give your online business super powers

The best set of tools to make your online store even better!
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Analytics  Marketing  User Friendly Multi-Platform  Financial-Reporting  Dynamic-Pricing  Heatmap  All-in-One  Product-Recommendation  Forecasting

All your your core KPIs/analytics,
E-commerce tools and
much more.

All your your core KPIs/
and much more.

Manage and track all you Ad campaigns in one unique platform with all the industry standard metrics  
Advanced analytics on consumer, sales and website performance like you have never seen in one place
Data Privacy
More private alternative to Google Analytics and pixel based trackers. We commit to safe-keep and never sell costumer and merchant data 🇪🇺
Fast and Easy SetUp
Easy and fast set up process. Available in every e-commerce platform and the best part? No programming required!
Finance Reporting
Accountancy used to be hard. With our financial report maker in just a few click you have all you need for the tax man
Data Driven Metrics and Forecasts
Make data driven decisions with the assistance of easy to understand store metrics and forecasts
AI driven tools
Increase your profits with our AI driven components. With us, you will able to include in your store personalized product recommendations and dynamic pricing (soon)
Easy to Learn and Extra Materials
Use our knowledge base as you please. Apart from guides on our platform we include plenty material on marketing, online business administration and more.

Enhanced E-commerce for Non
CMS Websites

If you coded your store from scratch we have something for you too! We can provide you some of the benefits of using a CMS with you keeping your current stack. You will have access to our dash where you can keep track of orders, store analytics, inventory and much more!
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How does it work?

1. Get the DeltaSqrd APP
With a super easy registration process tell us what e-commerce platform are you using. We probably got you covered!
2. As easy as it gets setup
If you have one of the popular e-commerce providers it's just a few clicks. If you don't, don't worry. You just need to copy a small piece of code to your website. But we are sure that you are up to the task!
3. Welcome to the team
Enjoy being as competitive and efficient as any of the big players in the e-commerce industry
In Depth

What we offer

At DeltaSqrd we believe in a friendly approach to what managing an online store as become. With the growing presence of multi billion euro companies in the market, small business owners might feel that they are being crushed. We are committed of not allowing that, providing small to medium sized business equal opportunities.
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  • Behavior Analysis
  • Platform
  • Demografics
  • Revenue
  • Visits
  • Statistics on spending
  • Standard Metrics
  • Product Performance
  • Standard Metrics
  • User Flow
Track Ad Campaigns
  • Any Platform
  • Budget Management
  • Campaign Success
Industry Standard Metrics
  • CPA & CPC
  • Bounce Rate
  • etc.
Create Ad Campaigns
  • TikTok
  • Meta (Facebook, Instagram)
  • Google (YouTube, Google, Etc.)
Financial Reporting
  • Products
  • Countries
  • Taxes
Marketing expenditure
  • CPA & CPC
  • Revenue
  • Profit
  • Expenses
Collected Taxes
Tools and AI Features
Product Recomendation
    • AI Driven
    • Past Experience Based
    • Personalized
    Dynamic Pricing (soon)
    • Price Change
    • Coupon Pop-Up
    • Inventory Based
    Heat Maps (soon)
    • Session Recording
    • Heat Areas
    • Detect Friction in pages
    The hottest new thing
    is finally out!
    Our team is super exited to show you what we have been working on, with plenty more to come! Let us know what you think of our free beta. Our user's opinions are super important to us :)

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    Free, for limited time.
    Financial Reporting
    Tools and AI Features
    Data Privacy & GDPR Compliant
    Multi Domain Support
    Early Access to Amazing Features

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    Good Stuff Coming Soon
    Industry's Best
    Financial Reporting
    Tools and AI Features
    Data Privacy & GDPR Compliant
    Multi Domain Support
    Early Access to Amazing Features